This Canine-Good-Citizen-in-Training came to us from an animal shelter. His name is Matt and he wants so much to be a good boy and please his people. Can you help show him the way?

Matt is a happy-go-lucky 18 month old who loves people and other dogs. He’s a real social butterfly although his nickname is Speedy—because that’s the way he moves around the yard—like a speeding bullet! His favorite games involve chasing balls or a Frisbee. He’ll also give cats a run for their tuna, but he’s only playing—his intent is not to harm his kitty friends.

Yes, Matt has lots of puppy energy to burn off, which is why we have a few requirements for his new home. First of all, he must have a fenced yard so he can enjoy running safely and freely. Second, he must be accompanied to obedience training classes. We think it’s so important for dogs to learn in an environment where there are plenty of other people, dogs and distractions so he’ll learn listen to you despite his environment. Since Matt is naturally curious and loves to please his humans, we’re sure he’ll be an A+ student!


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Matt loves to play with toys, but he can be pretty rough on them. The good news is he has not chewed on any inappropriate items in his foster home. He does like to lounge on the furniture and the bed, though. The place he loves most is wherever you are—he prefers to sit either beside or on top of you as long as you will let him.

Matt is not a barker and needs to be reminded to go outside to go potty since he hasn’t learned yet to ask to go out. Like most rescue dogs, he is prone to counter surfing, but if you keep counters clear around Matt, he’ll soon find there’s no reward and stop that habit soon. Matt loves to ride in the car, isn’t afraid of loud noises and though he could use some leash training, he’s not too bad for a youngster.

If you are looking for a young, intelligent, and energetic boy, Matt may be just the one for you. If you provide the love, attention and exercise he needs, plus show him the way to good canine citizenship, and he’ll reward you with many years of loyal devotion.