This regal looking fellow is Kobe and he is one of the smartest boys we have met in a long time.

Kobe is a large 90 pounds of pure muscle – there is not an ounce of fat on him. We cannot understand why but he came to us after he was abandoned at the county animal shelter with little or no explanation for the reason.

Kobe’s vet tells us that he is between five and seven years old and around his humans he truly is the sweetest and most affectionate boy that he can be. He knows a number of important commands like sit, come, stay, and he does not have any bad habits around the house. He absolutely loves to take a bath and grooming! He will stand for long periods while his foster mom brushes his beautiful light red coat.

Kobe Kobe

Kobe’s only health issue when he came to us were ear infections that have cleared up with the care of his foster parents. The good news is, just like grooming, Kobe is happy to let you do just about anything to him including washing his ears.

Kobe would prefer to be the only dog in the home, though he gets along with other dogs as long as they are not the "alpha" type. He does love to go on walks with his humans. Part of his exceptional obedience is that when Kobe and his foster mom pass another dog on a walk she just tells him to “walk on” and Kobe will ignore the other dog and do as told.

Believe it or not Kobe does not destroy his toys. He loves tennis balls and squeaky toys and he loves to drop them in your lap Kobeand have them thrown so that he can fetch them and bring them back for another round. Kobe has a near perfect internal clock and will remind you, at the minute, when itís time for a treat.

The kindly and loving face you expect on a golden appears on Kobe and is matched by his kindly and loving personality and affection toward his humans. Kobe will need an owner who is good at consistenly reinforcing the rules as well as doling out the rewards for good behavior.

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