We're not sure of Heidi's past, but we do know she has a very bright future. One of our dedicated volunteers heard about a female golden in an animal shelter and arrangements were quickly made to bring Heidi into our program. We think she's about 8 years old, but just like most ladies, she won't tell us her true age.


Heidi is filling out well and looking good! She's a different dog than when she came in, thanks to the dedicated care of Heidi's foster parents. She's getting extra portions of a premium food and it shows in her figure as well as her fur.

Her foster mom reports, "She's now very good friends with our cat and with the other goldies in the house.  They run around together in the yard playing goldie games after supper and she loves rope toys, balls and nylabones.   She doesn't jump up on furniture or do any counter cruising so overall she's a great dog.'

We know there's someone out there that needs a great dog--is it you?

Heidi was malnourished and scrawny when we found her, and she had some skin and coat issues. The 58 pounds she carried was just not enough for her tall frame. With a little TLC and some good quality food, her skin and coat have improved and she is gaining weight.



It's obvious that Heidi is thankful she knows where her next meal is coming from! She has fit in very quickly at her foster home and is a model house guest. Heidi is a very well-behaved and low-key type of gal. We call goldens like Heidi, "Wash 'n Wear" goldens since they're easy to love and take care of.

Heidi gets along great with other animlas though she has a tendency to bark just a little at first. She quickly warms up and strangers become best buddies.

Heidi loves to play with toys and equally loves attention. She'll sit contentedly while you pet her and remind you gently with a paw when you stop. Heidi does not get on the furniture and likes to spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

If you can't adopt a dog right now, please donate today for Heidi's care!