Eight year old Elliot was found walking along the side of the road and was picked up by Animal Control. Other than that, we have no idea of the history of this beautiful boy. He's not talking. What we do know is that he was overweight at 94 pounds, but we have him on a weight-loss plan to combat that problem. He had some dry skin, but quality kibble seems to have that under control.

Elliot Jack

Elliot gets along with all dogs, big and small. He loves people, too! Elliot enjoys being on the receiving end of a good belly rub or ear scritch and will reward you with a lick or two. He may remind you, with paw on your lap, to continue the attention if you stop.

One of Elliot's most endearing habits is his tendency to "pounce like a deer." His foster mom has enjoyed watching Elliot him play and prance, but she knows Elliot needs his own family to love and prance for.

Elliot enjoys going for walks and would like it even more if he had someone who loves him on the other end of the leash. He promises to be a good, loyal companion who'll remind you every day that he's glad you took a chance and gave him the home he deserves.

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