Miss Daisy Jane is big on personality. She's a fun, spunky gal with lots of love and life to share. At 11 years young, she wants to be involved in everything as a true member of the family. She settled right in at her foster home with a very short adjustment period.

Daisy enjoys herself in everything she does--she's very confident and makes sure she gets the attention she rightly deserves! You might think Daisy would be very vocal, but no, she's quiet and not a barker. Daisy loves to roll in the grass, play outside wiht her canine foster brother or go for a walk. She walks fairly well on leash with just a minimal tug until you remind her not to pull.

Daisy would do best in a home without very young children because she just doesn't seem comfortable around them. She does well with other dogs and cats, too.


Daisy Daisy

If you can't adopt a dog right now, please think about donating for Daisy's care!

Daisy's hips, ears and coat check out well. Like any senior dog, it's a good idea to have blood work every year to make sure she's in tip-top shape. She was a little overweight at 69 pounds when she came to us, but she is now a fit and trim 60 pounds! Good job, Daisy! She's short and stocky, so a little extra weight shows up quickly! Her coat is easy to maintain as it's not super long and thick; she enjoys grooming and bath time.

Daisy seems to be the typical "Red Hat Lady." Long on personality and intent on enjoying whatever life brings. We would love to see Daisy find a forever home of her home before the holidays so she can settle in and enjoy the fun. Please read about why we think the senior dogs are real gems. You're really missing out if you don't consider adopting a senior golden like Daisy!