Chelsea is a very sweet and very affectionate 4 year old female. Chelsea is looking for her forever home where she can blossom into the gregarious and fun loving dog she was meant to be.

Chelsea, whether through a lack of socialization or intimidation is a bit skittish, shy, and timid at first but will warm up to you to become the love bug you expect of her wonderful breed. While Chelsea’s foster mom says that obedience training would not be a requirement for Chelsea’s adoption experience tells us that often times training of one sort or other is just the ticket to instill confidence and pride in a timid dog to make them beam with self-assurance and poise. We also know there is nothing like training to deepen and cement a bond between a dog and its person.


Chelsea has no health issues and she loves to play fetch, take walks, and sleep on your bed – in that order. Playing fetch is just plain fun. Taking walks is good for everyone. If you want to sleep alone, well, that’s between you and your devoted companion. She loves to be near your side at all times.

Because of Chelsea’s shyness we believe a home with children would be too much for Chelsea to cope with in the beginning and might even hamper her progress. The ideal situation for Chelsea will be a home with one or two adults with patience, love and a determination to help this sweet girl blossom into the brilliant flower we know she is inside. Are you such a teacher? Are you such a lover? Your prize may be waiting.